Software development

Neutec Limited is a software research and development company solely focused on providing the best possible products that offers superior services for its customers.

Custom Development

Custom software development that tailored to customer's business needs and industry requirements. By using our solid software development expertise and latest technologies, we deliver cost-competitive and top class solutions.

Inter/Intranet Development

Internet/Intranet Software Development- Ever-growing demand for Internet / Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. Due to our extensive experience in this area we are able to assist our customers find the right solutions through our network of preferred partners which will make the process seamless.

Unified Platform

Our extensive products range are part of a unified platform, and are fully inter-compatible, yet can be freely incorporated as standalone applications and managed via a single powerful management interface. Products operate on a standalone basis or are easily integrated into existing third-party platforms, and with applicable regulatory systems.

White Label Solution

Our white label products cover a wide range of software products which offer varieties for our customers. With the advantages of the flexibility of our API, we provide our customers with the best possible products in the industry.